Philly Style Mushroom Asiago Chicken Stuffed Peppers

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Good family meals start with great ingredients and a wonderful recipe. Easy stuffed pepper recipes like this one from Judy are a great addition to your great dinner party menus folder. Peppers are wonderful vessels to add toppings to and offer a wide area so you can add more of the ingredients you love. When you are looking for good family meals that can also be a wonderful addition among your great dinner party menus then have a try at this delicious offering. This is definitely one of many easy stuffed pepper recipes that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Stuffed peppers have been part of our menus for a long time and they have been stuffed with many different and exotic ingredients.

Judy adds Asiago cheese but if you are not a fan of that specific cheese then you have a wide variety of other ones to choose from. Philly cheesesteak is a great dish and the flavors and ingredients that are found in the Pennsylvanian classic inspire this recipe from Judy. She goes with chicken breast instead of beef but please never limit yourself to the exact recipe ingredients and be creative and add or subtract with ones you love.

Philadelphia is the home of the Eagles football team and the Phillies Baseballs team and is not only a hub of sports and tourist attractions but it is also home to many Italians and their great recipes. When they first arrived from the old country they tried to blend in to the eating habits of Americans and brought along many great recipes. Two brothers are believed to be the original cooks that came up with the tasty Philly Cheesesteak. They ran a hot dog stand in the 1930’s Philadelphia and came up with the recipe that combined chopped beef with onions, peppers and cheese on a bun. Many other people from different places are also claiming to be the originators and have their take on the sandwich. In our modern times it has found a home in New York, Chicago, New Jersey and also in Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Every place has their own take on the sandwich but the steak, onions, peppers and cheese are still the main and original ingredients.

Stuffed peppers are usually made with green peppers like in this recipe from Judy but you are never limited to just the one variety. Always boil the pepper for at least 10 minutes to get it just slightly soft so that when it goes in for the final cooking with all the other ingredients it has already been softened so the ingredients and spices find it easier to infuse themselves into the pepper.Judy actually slices the peppers in half that is not the traditional way but it does allow for easier eating since the pepper is lying down rather that standing up. So you can now see how even the most traditional recipes have room for your own creativity. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy Philly Style Mushroom Asiago Chicken Stuffed Peppers recipe and bon apetit.**

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