Pickled Beets, Revisited

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So here it is, we are nearing the end of summer, and now we turn to Pickled Beets, Revisisted. In this case, it does not actually mean, revisited in the sense of another year, another pickled beet. Rather, it means that these beets are prepared slightly differently than the usual beet. The issue in pickling lies in the amount of sugar that some recipes use. Beets are pickled using sugar. Other vegetables are pickled with only a brine made from vinegar, often apple cider vinegar, which tends to have slightly milder flavor and complements the beets nicely.

Sucanat is the replacement sugar that this recipe uses. It can be replaced at a one to one ration for regular sugar. It is derived from sugar cane juice that is first extracted from the sugar cane. It retains some of the minerals and vitamins also found in molasses because it is processed less than white sugar. So you will find that sucanat contains trace amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamin A. In that sense, it could be conceived as a better choice of sweetener than sugar. It still holds a whopping 570 calories in each cup, though, so do not think that you are making a slimmer choice. This sugar has been available since the late 1970s. It does have a slightly more robust flavor than regular sugar, but will work just fine with beets.

Pickled beets are a wonderful food to put up in jars each year. They are easy to prepare, taste great and look beautiful. They can be served with almost any meal, and a homemade version beats anything you could buy in a store. If you do not put up your own beets, consider visiting a farmer’s market where they should be a great selection at this time of year.

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