Picnic Perfect Banana Pudding

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Picnic Perfect Banana Pudding recipe proves that homemade pudding from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated. When making the banana pudding, it is better to prepare it from scratch instead of using the store-bought instant pudding that contains artificial colourings or flavours. Everything in this recipe is made from scratch and you can tell that by the flavour and taste. Banana pudding cake recipe can never go out of style. No matter what the occasion, this easy pudding recipe will steal your guests’ hearts. There is something very pleasurably tasty yet healthy when you combine fruits like bananas in desserts. The rich texture of banana adds a wholesome thickness to desserts. Not to mention how airy and fluffy this recipe turns out each time you make it. Banana pudding cake recipe is not only a great way to getting kids to eat healthily but also allows them to enjoy sweet treats now and then. This recipe is a simple pudding recipe to prepare anytime you think of healthy eating for kids. Bananas health benefits are many including high potassium content which helps maintain blood pressure levels and heart functioning.

This easy pudding recipe tastes great on its own or with toppings of your choice added to it. Assorted nuts like walnuts, toasted cashews and chopped almonds are good additions to make in this recipe. It’s also a fun way to incorporate extra nutrition as well. A few other toppings you can add are berries, peaches, pineapple bits, melted chocolate chips, coconut flakes, maraschino cherries or even candy sprinkles. You can even replace the wafers with lady fingers, Oreos, Sara Lee pound cake, or any cookie with cinnamon. Substitute the wafers with gluten-free wafers or cake to this recipe if you’re gluten-intolerant.

Some tips to keep in mind while making this easy pudding recipe is to use hundred percent pure vanilla extract with no corn syrup or additives. Vanilla, just like salt acts as a flavour enhancer in desserts. When incorporating the egg mixture into the milk, make sure to stir constantly the mixture very slowly to prevent the egg yolks from turning into scrambled eggs. You need to cook the pudding long enough until it thickens before setting it up in the fridge. This will prevent the pudding from turning soupy in texture. Ideally, the pudding should set up very soon after removed from the stove even without putting it in the fridge. Adding cornstarch to pudding can also help in getting the rich, thick texture. If you’re lactose intolerant, try substituting the regular milk either with coconut or almond milk.

This Picnic Perfect Banana Pudding recipe is a simple pudding recipe perfect for any occasion. Thank you to Kat and Melinda at the ‘Real House Moms’ food blog for sharing this devilishly delicious Easy Turtle Poke Cake recipe with us. Do visit their blog for more interesting recipes. This easy pudding recipe is wonderfully comforting for more helpings especially if you love bananas. Make some today and go bananas!**

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