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Housing has changed a lot over human history, and it seems that in more recent times we’re going back to small house living much like our ancestors. Throughout history, people have lived in small houses and cabins, even yurts, covered wagons and caravans. In the last hundred years homes have gotten larger and larger with a home in 1973 being around 1,660 square feet for about three people, and today the average home is about 2,687 square feet which is about 1,000 square feet larger yet fewer people live in them today. Buying or building these larger homes means higher costs in building, getting a mortgage and in running your home too since energy bills will be increased. You will also have higher insurance which means less money for the things you really want to do in life. That’s why many people are turning to small house design and tiny house building for a smaller and more practical option.

So if you want to design your own house and you need to keep costs low, consider small house design over luxury homes. Prefabricated tiny homes and even log houses are a great option for those looking to save some money and time when building a house of their own. There are many small house design options including prefab wood cabins and cabin kits for sale that you can build yourself on your property. There are also small house designs that you can purchase and then build your tiny house from scratch. Tiny house building from scratch will usually cost more than buying a prefab tiny house though. Mainly because the factories sell you a prefab small house design as a package and can sell you that package for less. There are also tiny house building companies that will build the entire prefab house and deliver it to you, but it all depends on the company. It helps to do some research on tiny house and cabin builders in your area to see what your options are. You can also order small log homes online that could be delivered to you, but they would come in parts and pieces that you could then assemble.

During the prefabricated construction process, the builders will create the different components of your tiny house building package that will then be packaged up and sent out to your property. They can be anywhere from a simple small house designs, a small log house or a luxury log cabin or tiny house. The design and the finishes are all up to the individual customer. So you could save a lot of money by finishing your home using upcycled or recycled materials and just by choosing the more affordable options when it comes to appliances and fixtures. It helps to look at log cabin designs and small house designs online to get inspired and ready to build your very own tiny house or wood cabin. Save all of the images that you like and then when you’re ready to consult with the cabin builders you’ll be ready to show them your great ideas. Pinterest has great home design ideas for small log homes and tiny houses on wheels, and you may stumble across something that you’d never thought of doing before. Tiny house building allows you to be creative with your home design and build a house that’s outside the box and unconventional. You can also build these prefab tiny houses as guest suites or rental suites on your property to make a little bit of extra income. Some people even build them as home office buildings as well.***

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