Pillsbury Reveals Recipe on How to Bake a Pizza Cake

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Just when you think you have seen it all, something comes around to show you that you haven't... Pillsbury Reveals Recipe on How to Bake a Pizza Cake! So many people love pizza, so why not make a pizza cake right?! This is literally pizza ingredients layered and made into a full on three layer cake people... it looks just as epic as it sounds! People may have seen this as a post online and so many probably wanted the recipe and to learn how to make it, that Pillsbury finally shared it will us all. So now anyone can make one of these epic pizza cakes to impress all of their pizza loving friends.

This pizza cake may look super intense to make, but we can assure you it really isn't. Its basically like making several mini pizzas and stacking them one on top of the other. You have the crust, that you get from the grocery store, Pillsbury pre made crust, and then you form the layers to the size of your tall sided cake pan so that it doesn't lose its shape or heaven forbid, fall over throughout the baking process. All of those layers of cheese, sauce and pepperoni are enough to make anyone drool and want to try some.

One piece of the pizza cake is over 600 calories, but when you think about it, each slice of the triple layered cake has probably the equivalent to 3 -4 pieces of a smaller slice of pizza in it, so that is really not too much, and the average number of slices a person would eat anyhow. So it's really not that bad. This would be awesome to make for someone who loves pizza or a kid's birthday party, kids would go crazy for a pizza like this! Head over to 'Mail Online' by following the link in the section below for more!

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