Pina Colada Fluff

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This is a fluffy dessert made primarily of whipped cream and marshmallows with some offsetting canned fruit to make this Pina Colada Fluff. It is always a smash hit with the kids, and is a great mid afternoon snack to make when they want a little pick me up and you are happy to give them something sweet. It only takes a few minutes to come together, and, while it might improve with chilling, there is no need to do so. Just blend and serve.

This recipe is easy enough for any one to make, and it will come together in well under 10 minutes. There is no baking or preparation, just assemble the ingredients and mix them together. That is the best kind of snack to make. As well, proportions are quite forgiving in this recipe, so do not worry too much about the size of the containers, or whether you are a few marshmallows short. Just be sure that you achieve the blend of sultry and sweet from the marshmallows and the contrasting moist and tangy flavor that comes from the pineapple and other ingredients.

Some recipes are just fun to make, regardless of their nutritional value, and this recipe is one of them. It is a great treat mid afternoon or even late at night. It answers the call from our sweet tooth, and has plenty of chew from the coconut and marshmallow as well as the fruit that is found in the mixture. People really tend to enjoy this dessert. This dish also includes a pudding mix that will make this rendition of the Pina Colada Fluff recipe slightly richer and possibly even more yummy than other recipes that some times use mayonnaise or cream cheese instead. Try this recipe soon, and you know your kids and family will be happy to gobble it up for you. Enjoy.

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