Pina Colada Pie

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You can make this Pina Colada pie as easy or challenging as you like, depending on whether you want to make each step from scratch or get some help from commercial ingredients.

This pie is a lovely yellow and white color, topped with a bright red cherry to make it look just like the Pina Colada drink. It is the perfect fresh, light and lovely pie that you want to serve on those hot summer days. And you can make it all from scratch, or just part of it, as you want. The first step is to choose the crust. You can make a flour and butter crust from scratch one day ahead of time to keep your time commitment down on the day you make the pie. Or, you can buy any number of pie crusts, from the traditional flour crust or one made with any variety of cookie bases. Then the filling includes whipped cream. You can choose to buy purchased whipping cream or make it all yourself. These are just some of the steps that can help you get the pie done on those days when life is just too busy to do everything yourself.

Little hands can help place the fruit on top of the pie once it is done, and possibly even place the cherries. Of course, there is the very real danger that none of the cherries will ever make it to the top of the pie. Or, once there, will mysteriously disappear. This step might need monitoring. Baker’s warning. This pie will benefit from at least four hours in the fridge to allow flavors to come together well, or let it sit overnight. Be sure to test taste in the middle of the afternoon when a sweet snack is needed and quality control needs to be checked. Enjoy!

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