Pina Colada Poke Cake

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Enjoy a pina colada poke coke recipe that blends the sultry flavor of coconut with the sweet and tart tanginess of pineapple. Together these two tastes add up to the pina colada flavor that is so much a part of the summer time. Now, though, you can enjoy it in this poke cake recipe and eat it whenever you are in the mood. And the pina colada recipe is super quick because all of the ingredients are commercial ones. That means this cake recipe will come together very fast. This pina colada poke cake recipe begins with a cake mix that you blend pretty much according to directions. Just read the recipe on the site, The Country Cook, to see how that is done. Then the poke is prepared, which is made with cream of coconut. The site recipe does point out that cream of coconut is not coconut milk, and that is an important distinction to get right. These two ingredients are quite different, both in terms of their consistency, how they act in a recipe, and their thickness. So be sure to get the cream of coconut, as the instructions direct.

This cake recipe is quick and easy because you start with a commercial mix. Then you make the poke part of this cake, which begins with cream of coconut, a rich and thick blend of coconut that is quite different from coconut milk and other liquid coconut products. You must be sure to get the right product for this recipe to work out. The blend of pineapple, sweetened condensed milk and the cream of coconut will be impossibly rich and fabulous. The final topping is whipped commercial cream that means you can put the whole cake together quick quickly. For best flavor, be sure to chill this cake thoroughly. The great photos also show that the top of this cake recipe is smothered with coconut, which will add super texture and even more flavor to the entire cake recipe.

Enjoy this recipe, and even think about having your up and coming baker make it for you. It is such an easy cake recipe to make, and putting together a poke cake recipe is such a lot of fun that your new baker will also have a lot of fun making and baking it, especially pouring the poke in to the cake itself and adding the whipped cream and so on. It is a small effort that brings great results. So make this cake when you want a cake that blends the great flavors of pineapple and coconut, a combination that is really delicious and popular, and tastes like the drink, the pina colada. Enjoy this cake soon!

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