Pineapple and Coconut Bundt Cake

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Are you and the members of your family craving a Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe for dinner tonight? Then try this one. It has great ingredients and a wonderful method of preparing the frosting and then sprinkling (heavily) the rest of the cake with coconut. This Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe will produce a cake that is rich, moist, tangy, tart and chewy, from all the coconut that it contains. This is also a very simple Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe, without few ingredients, surprisingly enough. The cake is also easy to blend, requiring no special mixing. In fact, if your young baker is very young, you could even help him or her make up this cake recipe by hand. We use blenders, mixers and other kitchen devices so often that we forget there was a time, and not so long ago, when most mixing was done by hand. Recipes today often still reflect that reality by the way the ingredients are added together. Really, when you are using a blender, you can almost always just toss the ingredients in to the bowl and blend without thinking too much. Adding things in a particular way with today’s high action ingredients is almost not needed any more. Still, old habits die hard, and so it can still be fun to blend something by hand and then come to a better understanding why things get mixed together the way that they do.

This bundt cake recipe is quick and easy. There are eggs but no milk in this bundt recipe, since the crushed pineapple that you put in to this Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe provides the needed sweetness. Using the liquid from the pineapple also ensures that this recipe will be very tangy and tart. The coconut adds another element of texture and taste to this lovely cake, too. So this cake will be tart and chewy, two great characteristics that will have this Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe in high demand in your family. Plus, it is such an easy recipe that you can pop it together in minutes and have it on the table in no time. This particular Pineapple Coconut Bundt Cake recipe does not need to be chilled, either, although it will find its best flavor at cooler temperatures. Still, a few minutes out of the oven and you can ice and serve this pretty cake.

Making a cake in a bundt pan also adds great elegance to any dessert. When you want to make a cake seem special, even if it is a fairly easy recipe, just make the dessert in a bundt pan. When you turn it out, the round shape and height will make the cake special.

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