Pineapple Barbecue Chicken

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Pineapple is a great addition to this pineapple barbecue chicken breast recipe from Katerina at Diethood. The name of her website may indicate that this is a Dieting Food Blog, but it really isn't even though she does try and keep all of her recipes fairly healthy. The word diet doesn't always refer to restricting the foods you eat to losing weight; the other definition is that a diet is the type of food that an individual habitually eats. Dieting to lose weight usually involves cutting calories or cutting out certain foods altogether. You can also be on a diet to lower blood pressure and cholesterol or even to gain weight too. The first dietitian in history was Dr George Cheyne who was actually quite overweight himself. He ate a lot of rich food but then he switched over to eating a meatless diet, with only dairy and vegetables and he noticed that his health was getting better. So when he experienced good results, he started to suggest his own diet to others who struggled with weight gain. He also wrote an essay on Health and Long Life in 1724 where he writes about making sure we get some exercise and to avoid eating too much rich food.

One of the first popular diets was called Banting which was named after William Banting who wrote a book in 1863 on the diet he followed that gave him good health. He wrote about eating four meals per day that each had meat, vegetables, fruits, and wine. He advocated limiting sugar, starch, beer, and dairy. It was a really popular diet for a long time and became a model for many of the diets we see now. Usually, when you're thinking about going on a diet or just eating healthier, you want to restrict the number of bad fat you're eating too. So if you eat meat, you'll want to choose leaner meats like chicken, fish or turkey. Chicken breasts are especially low in fat, and they are great for meals giving you a good amount of protein per serving. There are also so many great chicken breast recipes now too, so you don't have to just stick with plain and simple seasonings all the time. Choosing chicken breasts that come from organic, pasture-raised farms will also be much healthier too. This is because these animals aren't given too much soy like other chickens are.

Soy increases fat in animals, and it can also cause weight gain in adults too, so it's best to purchase meat from animals who are fed a balanced diet. The best chicken breast recipes also include a good sauce, which this chicken breast recipe has. The best part is, you can use whatever barbeque sauce you like, or you can make your own at home to make it as healthy as possible. Usually, barbeque sauces include some ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, and vinegar. You also need to add a bit of sweetener to your barbeque sauce too, and you can use regular sugar or a healthier sugar like maple syrup or honey. There are also some great low sugar and organic barbeque sauces out there that you can buy at the store that tastes great too. You'll also need some canned, fresh or frozen pineapple as well which adds a healthy fruit to the recipe as well. Pineapple tastes great with barbeque sauces as well, so even if you're a little bit worried that it might taste strange, just give it a try. You'll see how great this recipe and other chicken breast recipes from Diethood are.***

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