Pineapple Casserole

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Try this Pineapple Casserole recipe at your house the next time you are serving ham or pork. This pineapple casserole recipe is a simple way to make a side dish that is sort of sweet and tangy and that goes well with meats such as pork or ham. This Pineapple Casserole recipe might also work well with greasy meats such as duck or goose because the pineapple would help to cut through the greasy flavor of the meat. This pineapple casserole recipe will produce a bread pudding type of result. That is a somewhat dense, yet eggy, and in this case, also tangy pudding, or pineapple casserole recipe, but perhaps one that is drier than your typical bread pudding.

Pineapple is used to make this dish tangy and bright. Pineapple is a unique fruit, filled with more vitamin C than any other fruit. The Vitamin C is also what makes the pineapple so sharp in flavor, and also why it can really chap your lips and your chin and mouth if the juice drips down on your face (which, of course, is half the fun of eating this fruit). So that means this dish has plenty of goodness in it, even if it also has sugar. There are also eggs in this dish, and eggs carry nutrients that can be hard to get in other places and foods. Eggs contain B12, for instance, a somewhat difficult to get vitamin that is found in red meat. Eggs are loaded with great protein, and they are low in calories and contain no sodium. They are also low in cholesterol, and we now know that you can eat one egg each day to contribute to your good health. So eat up this pudding and get your eggs in.

A casserole is a great thing to start your baking and cooking career with. That is because a casserole, pretty much by definition, is usually a very relaxed form of cooking where the ingredients might be changed and the ratios of the different ingredients are fairly lax, and you can make a lot of some part and a little of another. So in this recipe if you added a bit less pineapple and a bit more bread, or took it easy on the sugar that is called for in this pineapple casserole recipe, the whole thing would probably still work out just fine. Of course, if you are going to dramatically alter a recipe, then you would need to know more about cooking in general, as well as how making the changes you are considering might alter the consistency, texture and taste of the product. But small changes can be made pretty easily. Enjoy this!

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