Pineapple Coconut Bars

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Pineapple coconut bars are a sweet and sexy dessert that just hits the right spot of tanginess and yumminess. These bars are made in two layers. The bottom is a lovely shortbread type of base and the upper layer contains nuts, pineapple and coconut in a sweet mixture. This blend of tastes is fabulous, perhaps because the flavors meld so nicely together and linger in your mouth awhile. This dish is decidedly sweet. There is plenty of sugar that is partially offset by the tangy pineapple. Still, chill these bars plenty and serve them with lots of hot tea. This is a great bar to eat late in the day when energy can lag and there’s still supper, kids and family to deal with. Think of it as a little tropical break for you and your friends before dinner.

This dish is easy for a new baker to try. It is made from scratch, but the ingredients are standard, and the directions and photos from the website make it easy to follow and understand. It also offers an opportunity for a new baker to try baking a base and then adding a topping and finishing the bake. It is a great recipe to try this on. Blogger and recipe creator, Lindsay, says this recipe stays soft and moist, so it might be best served on a plate. She also comments that there are probably plenty of combinations of fruit and nuts that could work in this dish. That means this basic recipe is a great go to for when you want to pull something together in a rush to serve to friends and family that have dropped by unannounced.

Make double of this recipe, and freeze some of it. Then you can also pull this dish out of the freezer for those unexpected moments when you need a plate of something delicious.

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