Pineapple Orange and Walnut Muffins

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Try this really great Pineapple Orange and Walnut Muffins recipe that uses toasted walnuts rather than plain ones as well as the interesting combination of orange, pineapple against the nuts to create a unique and delicious muffin recipe that you and the family will return to again and again. This is a really great muffin recipe. It uses unsalted butter, which makes a surprising flavor change wherever it is used. The difference seems like it might not be big when you simply switch from salted to unsalted butter, but it has tremendous impact. The lack of salt allows the sweet flavors, here, and the orange and pineapple tastes, to come through the recipe more acutely. So be sure to use the unsalted butter for this muffin recipe and best results.

There are other interesting tings that make this muffin recipe quite a special one for you to make up for the kids and family. First, the walnuts are toasted. When you toast walnuts, you make them a bit drier, but more importantly, you make the bitter flavor disappear. Walnuts are fabulous, of course, but they do have a distinctive bitter edge to them that you may or may not enjoy. When you toast them, they lose that bitter edge. So that makes one change that is unique to this recipe. The other unique element is the use of buttermilk in this recipe. Buttermilk is a great ingredient in sweet recipes, such as bread loaves, cakes, cookies and so on, but it still is not used a lot. Buttermilk makes the crumb of the muffin much more tender and much more moist. So adding it to this recipe means that you can expect this muffin to have a really lovely texture to it. Another interesting aspect to this recipe is the orange glaze. Sweet bread loaves, and muffins often have lemon glazes added to them, but orange glazes are much less common. Yet, an orange glaze offers a lovely and delicate finish. Here, the orange glaze softens the pineapple chunks that are inside the muffin, and act as a great complement to the walnuts.

This is an interesting and unique recipe that will produce a great muffin. You and the rest of the family will love the various twists that are offered including the toasted walnuts, the addition of the buttermilk as well as the orange glaze. Make it soon, and serve the muffins while they are still a bit warm for best flavor and taste. Everyone will like this twist on a muffin recipe, especially the great and contrasting flavors of walnuts, pineapple and orange. It just does not get better than this! Enjoy a great recipe for superior muffins!

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