Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

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If you are in search of how to make pineapple upside down cake from scratch then go play a lottery ticket because this is your lucky day. This is also a candidate for your easy cupcake recipes list. Pineapple desserts are a great way to get the wonderful pineapple into your diet. Recipes like this one from the kitchen of Christy are a great way to use the pineapple or you can use another tropical fruit like mangoes if you like. This recipe and many more like it are a great way to flex your culinary skills and to experiment with new and exciting flavors. Many easy cupcake recipes don’t always include fruit so this one recipe from Christy might become your go to cupcake recipe that allows for fruit to be included. So now that you have a recipe for pineapple upside down cake from scratch take your time and follow the guidelines and you will be sure to make a great recipe that all your diners will love. The beauty of pineapple dessert recipes lay in the chance to include this delicious and fresh tasting fruit to your diners especially the ones who have never tried it before. This tropical fruit with the course outside skin is not the easiest fruit to peel but once you get through that tough outer shell the fresh inside flesh will be a joy to your palate and a great addition to your recipes.

If you are not familiar with pineapples and where they come from then you will appreciate knowing some of their history and how they got onto your plate. Pineapples are grown in tropical climates and are now found in many places that are not their original homes If you travel to the Hawaiian Islands you will quickly discover they are one of the largest and most well known producers of this great fruit. The first known pineapple is said to have come from Brazil and Paraguay and from there they have traveled the world. It is an indigenous fruit to South America and has been introduced to many other regions since the first time an explorer discovered them there. As people moved around they brought the pineapple with them and it made its way throughout the Caribbean islands. While Christopher Columbus was in the tiny Caribbean island of Guadeloupe he discovered them and brought the Pineapple back to Spain with him. Once in Spain the seafaring country, that traveled the globe, introduced them to the many countries it had conquered thus the Philippines and many countries around the world were introduced to them and since their climate suited them they were grown and are still grown there to this day. Eventually Portuguese settlers in Brazil brought the pineapple to India and we now have this fruit growing in most tropical countries around the world.

Most dessert recipes that include fruit are not on the most liked list of children but this recipe might just change that. Christy introduces them to cupcakes and most kids go crazy for cupcakes. Thanks to Christy of The Girl Who Ate Everything Blog for this yummy Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake Recipe and bon apetit.**

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