Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Pie

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Yummy!!! Do you not love the sound of this: "Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Pie".The name of the recipe alone makes my mouth salivate from the thought of lemons. This would be a pretty dessert to make for a special occasion. Maybe even Mother's Day or for a birthday instead of a cake!

What is it that makes our mouths water from sour food suggestions? We consulted a science page for the answer. It would seem that the amount of saliva you produce when you put one drop of fresh lemon on your tongue is saying something to you about your personality! It's all about RAS,(Reticular Activating System) which is a part of the brain that responds to social contact and food stimuli. What a fun thought. Scientists research pretty much everything! The results of this little test are increased production of saliva indicates that introverts respond with large saliva production and they react more strongly to meeting people. Extroverts have a lower level of activity in the RAS and require larger amounts to stimulate a response, and they are more comfortable being in a social contact setting. Fun can do this one with your friends and family. Just put one drop of fresh lemon on the tongue and see how your group scores.

Back to the pie now. It is made with ice cream, Kool-Aid, and graham cracker pie crusts.It is simple to prepare, and if you are partial to ice cream cakes/pies, you will certainly want to give this recipe a try.

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