Pistachio Dreamboat Dessert

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Try this Pistachio Dreamboat Dessert recipe and enjoy a change from the usual for your dessert at your house for dinner tonight. This pistachio dessert recipe is a quick and easy one to make, and that counts for all of the four big layers that go in to this recipe. So the base layer is made with blonde Oreo cookies that get crushed and blended and pressed in to a pan, but not baked. So that is easy. And the kids could probably do this for you, even the littlest ones. Just be sure to have plenty of extra cookies on hand because you know they will gobble up many of them as they do their crushing work on the rest of them. And that will happen no matter what you say! So the bottom layer is quick and easy and you can hand that off to the kids.

The next layer is also quick and easy but it does involve the mixer. There you will blend the cream cheese with a few other ingredients to make a creamy and rich filling that is spread over the top of the crushed Oreo cookie layer. The third layer is the commercial pistachio pudding, which is quick and easy to make, and again requires at least a hand mixer to put it together. The final layer is some more of the commercial whipped topping, which is just spread over the top of the pistachio pudding layer. Sprinkle with pistachios and chill.

So you can see just how easy this dish is to make. You could allow your up and coming baker to put this one together, especially since there is no stove top or oven work that is involved in this recipe. It is a great recipe for beginners because so many of the ingredients are really practically already made and you cannot really go wrong adding the few additional ingredients to make them. As well, the layers are broken up in to four simple sections, and each one can be made up separately. So that makes it an easier recipe to make too. Enjoy this dish whenever you want something that is light and creamy and smooth after dinner. Just be sure to really chill this dessert in order that the flavors come together.

This is a great dessert to make for any community dinners or even in the summer when friends and family are gathering for a BBQ or fun dinner. It is cheap and easy to make and most people will really enjoy the light and fluffy texture of this dessert. So keep this dessert book marked and make it really soon for when friends and family come together.

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