Pizza Pasta Salad

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This Pizza Pasta Salad is right on time for spring and summertime meal planning. This type of salad is easy to make and yes, you can pack it in your lunch box, take it to a family sporting event or have it as a main dish to go with your barbecued meats or chicken.

This is also a great meal for those that incorporate wholesome salads into daily lives. It has lots of things in it, so it can be very satisfying as a main course. For people like myself that pretty much live on creative salads, this is a perfect idea. It is so easy just to cook up a little pot of el dente pasta, and then put it into a dish with a seal top lid in the refrigerator and have it handy to 'add' to salad makings.

Once you have pasta cooked and chilled, it is ready for salad use and if left refrigerated it lasts for several days.

The recipe is called a pizza pasta salad as it has pepperoni, cheeses, tomatoes and olives, all the food flavors you would expect to enjoy on a pizza.

Pasta come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors!The colored pasta are especially festive and fun to incorporate into special dishes.

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