Pizza Spaghetti Bake

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Pizza spaghetti bake—you got it—combines the best of pizza and spaghetti in an easy dinner that you can get together quickly. It uses a blend of Italian seasonings (which you can just buy as such at your local grocery store) and plenty of mozzarella cheese to make it all come together. Essentially, this dish is like mixing pizza up with spaghetti, and who would not love that mixture? You just know your kids will be gaga over this crazy blend! Kids love both pizza and spaghetti and in this recipe they get the best of both worlds.

The nice thing about this dish is that it still has plenty of homemade goodness. You blend the seasonings, brown the meat, add the cheese, and make the pasta, then put it all together in a great big serving dish to bake. This process creates a lovely hand made dinner that has so much more flavor than when you use commercial sauces or dried seasonings (fresh garlic is a big favorite in the recipes on this website, and should be, for you, too). Nothing beats fresh flavor and that can only be found when you take the effort to add it in yourself.

This recipe for pizza spaghetti bake is delicious whether you serve it up at the table or leave it out for people to grab and eat as they run about their all too busy daily lives. Even at room temperature—just like pizza and spaghetti—this dish will taste great. And it is not too badly balanced, either. Add a big green salad and you have a great meal for your family. Enjoy it soon, won’t you? It will become a go to dish before you know it.

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