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If you've purchased your perfect piece of land, you probably want to put a cabin on it. Or perhaps you already own a piece of land with a home on it, and you want to add another smaller home on it to become a home office or a guest house. Either way, these great wood cabins from Summerwood will be perfect for your needs. Customers can choose from all of their great cabin kits for sale and then make their own design adjustments to make their cabin their own. You can browse their wood cabins by style, or by the most popular cabins, or you can design your very own custom cabin. The Bala Bunkie is one of the most popular wood cabins they have available in this collection of cabin kits for sale. It's a 230 square foot cabin with a small 100 square foot footprint. That means that you get all of that space without needing a large area on your property to build. Another beautiful cabin in their collection is the Canmore Backyard Studio which could be the perfect guest house or even a storage shed. They also have slightly larger cabins too including the Breckenridge

wood cabin which can be used year round.

Have a look at all of their designs and see if you'd be interested in ordering one of their cabin kits for sale. Instead of building a cabin from scratch, you could have the help of Summerwood to make the project super easy. You will always get exactly what you want in your cabin too since they give their customers the option to design their own cabin. They have a Custom Design Center to change something about a design of their's you really like but just need to tweak a little. Or, if you don't see anything you like, you can start designing from scratch in the design centre. Once you have your land, you might be wondering what type of cabin to put on it, especially if it's a challenging landscape to build on. The experts at Summerwood are very experienced in building on all different kinds of landscapes. So if you called them, they would be able to help you right away, and they could point you in the right direction for the cabin of your dreams. The other nice thing about getting a cabin kit as that you can do all of the building yourself, and since all of the pieces and materials are included in the kit you can put it all together in very little time.

Even those who have little to no building experience find it easy to put together these cabin kits. All of the materials and instructions are given to you, all you have to do is follow the directions, and you'll have your small cabin ready sooner than you'd think. They also have an online construction video so you can see exactly how the buildings go together. Of course, they also have their staff who will be more than willing to assist you in any way you need during the process. If you're not into building your own cabin, you can also hire a contractor in your area to do some or all of the work for you. If you're having electric and plumbing installed these are definitely jobs you'll want to hire a professional for too. Also, you'll have to sort out a foundation for your small wood cabin as well before you start building. Some people do this themselves, and some people will also hire out this work to a contractor. Enjoy checking out the small wood cabins for sale on the Summerwood website.***

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