Pork Chop and Potato Bake

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Are you in the mood for a Pork Chop and Potato Bake recipe? Well, here at the site, An Affair From The Heart, you can find both the pork chop recipe as well as the potato bake recipe. So that makes the entire meal a quick and easy one to prepare with two recipes on one site. In fact, it gets even easier because this pork chop recipe is really a simple casserole made with commercial hash browns in it. So this is a really quick dinner that you can put together whenever your time and energy levels are low and slow. This potato bake recipe comes together in only a few minutes and every one will enjoy the crunch of hash browns along with the sweet and tender and juicy flavor of pork chops.

This is a great pork chop recipe that combines potatoes made up as hash browns in the mix. These are just bought as a commercial product so that makes the potatoes a really quick addition to this casserole dish. As well, canned soup makes the whole thing easy to flavor and helps to add lots of juiciness in to this dish. Add some steamed greens or perhaps a fresh tossed, bright green mixture of fresh greens as a salad, and you have a terrific meal. The kids will love it because of the hash browns and you will love just how quickly and easily this potato bake recipe comes together for you. So you can just pop it together in minutes and then put your feet up until dinner time. French fried onions are another ingredient that you can buy to put in to this dish. Since they are also ready made and you can just pick them up at the local grocery store, this is another easy ingredient for this great little recipe. It is simple to make and even the kids could put this one together.

Teaching your kids how to cook can begin with simple recipes such as this one that use commercial ingredients so the kids do not have to do any preparation for the dish that they are putting together. This easy method helps them to understand how foods come together in things like this potato bake casserole, and how to use ingredients to make great meals. It also helps kids learn how to organize and work through things to a successful completion. Finally, it might even get you off the hook for cooking each night! Some of the time the kids may be able to do it; in fact, they may actually learn to love and enjoy cooking and do it often. That would be perfect! Enjoy this soon.

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