Pot Roast Stew in a Bread Bowl

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If you are on the lookout for easy entertaining dinner ideas then you might be in luck. This recipe from Ingrid includes meat and all the nutritional value in beef is included. Yes the best beef stew recipe just might be this one. If you are a fan of stews and you love to eat them in a bread bowl that you can use to sop up the sauce at the end then you are in luck. This recipe from Ingrid is made to wonderfully sit in a bread bowl and make the meal and the plate edible. Bread bowls gained popularity when they were first used to house the clam chowder that is made for a bread bowl. This recipe now introduces the bread bowl to a new tenant. This wonderful pot roast recipe can be served in a regular bowl if you would like but many kids will love the idea of being able to eat the bowl.

This is a great addition to your easy entertaining dinner ideas folder that will also help you to get all the nutritional value in beef in one great recipe. As with all the recipes you

will decide on making this one can easily be called your best beef stew recipe and the bread bowl might be the item that clinched the deal. Stews are great on cold and miserable days since they are comforting and will help the bad weather melt away. These kinds of recipes will work anytime of year and in any weather but there is something to be said for a stew and a cold winter day. Bread bowls have only been with us since the early 90’s when they were first spotted in and around the New England area and were the home for Clam Chowder. If you are trying to pinpoint the exact place and time they were first brought to the public then you will be in for a letdown since the origins are blurred. Many people believe that the San Francisco wharf was the first place and then you have others that sill believe California was the home but that San Diego is the originator. Like many other dishes that have numerous locations laying claim to their origins this one is no different. They are great for stew and chowder recipes since they are not too soggy and the bread holds up well. If you tried putting a regular soup in them the bread bowl would become too soggy and the bread would not be capable of holding the soup in place.

If you have never tried to eat a meal from a bread bowl then take a recipe like this one and give it a try. Most recipes for food that is the same consistency of stew or chowder can be easily put in a bread bowl. This recipe like many others fits the bill so give it a try. Thanks to Ingrid of The Cozy Apron Blog for this yummy Pot Roast Stew in a Bread Bowl Recipe and bon apetit.**

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