Potato and Ham Salad

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What’s better than a plain potato salad recipe? A potato salad with decadent smoky ham chunks added to it! Yes, this Potato and Ham Salad recipe is a beautiful revamp of a traditional potato salad that you’re bored of eating. Because of the ham chunks in this recipe, the taste elevates so much more. Just make sure you opt for a beautiful smoky flavored ham for this recipe. The salad dressing is deliciously creamy and flavored with Dijon mustard and cheese cubes that make every bite worth it. This potato salad recipe is also very filling and budget-friendly to feed a large crowd. Here’s a perfect tip to make a potato salad work in your favor every time, always throw the potatoes in the dressing while they’re still hot. This method will keep the potatoes moist and prevent them from drying. You can make this easy salad recipe to go with grilled meats or great even if you want to eat it on its own. This recipe for potato salad will be perfect to serve at picnic and potluck as well.

Potatoes continuously find their route into the menu one way or the other. In fact, when you imagine comfort food, nothing seems better than a recipe prepared with potatoes. Sadly, potatoes over time have earned poor fame for being part of a starchy food list, but in actuality, potatoes are typically fat-free, gluten-free and cholesterol free. There are several potato nutritional benefits including potassium, iron, and vitamin c. Potatoes also have the sort of essential carbohydrates your body needs. Perhaps you'll be happy to know that one serving size of six small potatoes has only about 120 calories. That’s somewhat unbelievable as opposed to having refined carbs like white bread or pasta. With all the vital nutrition in potatoes, it's a great idea to incorporate them into family meals.

The most significant part of this tasty Potato Salad recipe is that you can adjust the taste to match it up to the way you like it. For example, instead of mayonnaise, you can use other exciting salad dressings like Ranch, Italian or Thousand Island. A more healthy option if you want to lower down extra calories is to substitute it with Greek yogurt for mayonnaise. You can combine other spices and herbs such as cayenne pepper, oregano, Cajun spice, or even cumin powder. If you don’t have the fresh herbs readily available, you can use Italian seasoning in this recipe.

Spices contain anti-oxidants in them, and just adding quarter teaspoon is an excellent way of sneaking in the additional nutrition in salad recipes. If you like to add crunch, you can cut up red, yellow and orange peppers and add them to this salad. For more protein, combine a cup of black beans, chickpeas, or fresh green peas that will make it extra wholesome and nutritious. You can also add other healthy meat options like grilled chicken breast, shrimp, tuna or turkey to this salad.

This recipe for potato salad is not only one of the best healthy salads but also a special dish you’ll enjoy eating with family. Thank you to Brandie at The Country Cook recipe blog for sharing this tempting Potato and Ham Salad recipe with us. For more healthy dinner ideas, do check out Brandie’s blog where you can find more recipes for best healthy salads or even desserts. This potato salad recipe is a delightful side dish that scores new flavors to make it a refreshing family meal. Try it, and you’ll be amazed how much you’re going to love this deliciousness. We guarantee!

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