Potato Bread

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Try this potato bread recipe, and you may come to discover why ingredients like potatoes are added to recipes like bread in the first place. How bread making started adding other ingredients such as potatoes in this potato bread recipe, I do not know, but it has become a fairly common practice. So you can find breads that have added a banana in to them or sometimes fruits such as prunes in whole-wheat recipes, and many other kinds of fruits and veggies. The purpose is to make the bread more moist and richer in flavor. Sometimes the ingredient may also add color, too. The initial motivation may have been just to use up something that was leftover. In this potato bread recipe, for example, you are called to add leftover potatoes from the meal the night before. This bread is also an example of a rich bread recipe.

In this potato bread recipe, extra ingredients are added to increase the richness of the bread. That includes eggs, butter and milk. All of these kinds of additions make the bread more flavorful, affect texture, and even color. This bread will be rich, filling and have a slight flavor of the potato running through it. If you have not made bread before, this will be an easy and successful recipe to put together. Do not be intimidated by the idea of making something that is made with yeast, or has to be left to rise, and then fall, and so on. Making bread is a wonderful thing to do, and there are many fun and delicious recipes to try. This one uses left over potatoes, which is a great thing to add to a bread recipe in order to increase its flavor and elasticity. Depending on the potatoes, they may also add some color to the bread recipe.

Try this recipe when you have some time to focus on the process, especially if this is the first time you have made bread. Bread is not difficult to make, but for a first time effort, you might want to keep your attention on the process, just to be sure everything turns out all right. Bread is an ancient food that is made in every culture around the world. It is the fundamental food that every culture produces and that shapes and forms the basis for all other foods that follow. Perhaps that is why it is considered the staff of life. There is little that can be more gratifying than pulling a loaf of fresh bread from the oven and sharing it with friends. For this bread, you can also consider brushing the top of the loaf with melted butter before serving it.

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