Potatoes Au Gratin Packets

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When it comes to different types of potato dishes, you may not think of this potatoes au gratin packets recipe, which involves bundling thinly sliced potatoes in foil with a creamy sauce. This genius potato recipe was created by Nick, the author of the Macheesmo recipe blog because he wanted something he could cook on the barbecue rather than the oven, which can heat the entire house up during hot weather. Rather than eliminating your favourite potato casserole dish from the menu during summer, you can make this easy potato gratin instead. This version is much less fussy than traditional potato gratin and will keep your house feeling cool. They will also cook in a much shorter amount of time due to the fact each packet contains an individual portion of potatoes.

Whenever you need easy dinner ideas but would like a new take on potatoes, keep in mind this gratin recipe which takes moments to prepare. The most difficult part will be making the white sauce, which needs time to simmer and thicken on the stove. The usual white sauce recipes are a combination of flour, milk and butter, which is allowed to gently simmer until very thick before being poured over the potatoes. Nick’s version is slightly different because it doesn’t contain any flour whatsoever. Instead, the cream is combined with garlic and thyme and simmered until reduced and thickened. For this reason, this potato gratin recipe is suitable for gluten-free diets. If you would like to help the sauce along a bit and are gluten-free, though, you can opt to add some cornstarch, which will make the sauce glossy and thick.

This potato recipe will be an excellent addition to any easy meal through the week or whenever you are using the grill to cook your favourite meat. Consider making the entire dinner on the grill by adding some thinly sliced vegetables or asparagus to the grill in the last ten minutes or so that you are cooking the potato packets. All you will need is some salt, pepper, herbs and spices to make flavourful grilled veggies to go with the potato gratin recipe and meat. One important step that Nick states to do is to not flip the potato packets during cooking. This is because the sauce is quite loose and may leach out of the package during cooking. If you are concerned about your grill getting messy from the packages, you can double wrap them in foil or place them in another dish on the grill. You can even use this delicious potato recipe as inspiration for other barbecued gratins featuring other vegetables. If desired, prepare a spinach version which would need much less time to cook. Otherwise, you could add thinly sliced carrots for a creamed carrot recipe or broccoli florets for a creamy broccoli side dish. Whatever you decide, Nick’s potato concept will open you to a world of possibilities.

You have two choices of cheese when making this potato dish, which is perhaps the most important part of potato gratin. Fontina and gruyere are both pungent, nutty-tasting cheeses that are easy to grate and melt easily. These cheeses will take the grilled scalloped potatoes over the top and make them the most addictive food on your plate when you make them. If desired, though, use whatever cheese you have on hand, and these potatoes will still work out great. If you enjoy a vegan lifestyle, you can try substituting the milk with a dairy-free milk and the cheese with vegan cheese. Thank you to Nick, the author of the Macheesmo recipe blog, for sharing your potatoes au gratin packets recipe with us.

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