Potluck Spaghetti Salad

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What’s better than eating a healthy veggie salad with pasta and cheese in it! This Potluck Spaghetti Salad recipe is neither too light nor too heavy and hits the spot just right. You can use this recipe to eat as a meal on its own because spaghetti added in the salad keeps you full for longer. Simple healthy recipes are the best way to use up the veggies that come in the spring season. What binds the ingredients together in this recipe is the delicious Italian salad dressing. No matter what the occasion is, you can simply toss this salad in just a few minutes. It’s an ideal salad option to serve for a large crowd too.

You could also change up the flavors just a little bit by trying out new salad dressing ideas like Ranch, Thousand Island or French mustard. The versatility of this recipe lies in the fact that you can add more veggies or even cut out the ones that are not too likeable. For example, peppers not only add a great taste and crunch to the salad but also make it colorful to look at. You can add red, yellow, orange and green peppers all at once. You can add healthy greens like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, snap peas or asparagus. Throw some green leafy veggies like kale, arugula and chopped lettuce in it. Add some black beans or chickpeas to make it extra wholesome and nutritious. Add natural sweetness by chopping up fruit into tiny bits such as pineapple, strawberries, etc. You can also add healthy white meat like grilled chicken or Turkey breast for that extra protein into this salad. A few other types of meat you can add are shrimp, tuna, ham chunks, or any Italian sausages of your choice. You can even add spices like Cajun spice, or a pinch of cumin powder as well. Spices are not only healthy but also add a lot of flavor to salad recipes. Sometimes all it takes is a pinch of spice in bland salad recipes.

Usually pasta salads are simple and easy to make. However sometimes if the pasta is cooked for too long or if it soaks up too much of the salad dressing it could turn runny and soggy and ruin the recipe. Always remember to cook the pasta until el dente to ensure that it’s not overly cooked. The key to getting a pasta salad recipe right each and every time is to add the right proportion of salad dressing to ensure that your salad is not too runny or too dry. Since this salad is served cold, you need to refrigerate it in an airtight container to seal the freshness. You can make it the night before to save time and plus leaving it overnight in the fridge makes the flavours blend well together and tastes better the following day. You can always add more salad dressing the next day just before serving if you need to.

Incorporating salads in your diet through simple healthy recipes is always an excellent way to end your day, especially on busy weeknights. Healthy dinner ideas like this excellent pasta salad is a great way to make sure that your loved ones are getting the best nutrition in their diet. Thank you to Angela at the About A Mom food blog for sharing this irresistible Potluck Spaghetti Salad recipe with us. For more healthy dinner ideas and simple healthy recipes do check out Angela’s blog. An easy, delicious salad such as this recipe is all you need when you crave a good meal. Enjoy!

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