Powdered Sugar Doughnut Cake

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A recipe for a heavenly dessert comprises of two things – a freshly baked yellow cake and powdered sugar sprinkled over it. This delicious Powdered Sugar Doughnut Cake recipe is just what you need when you’re craving a basic yet delicious cake. There is no frosting, glazing or icing of any kind required for this cake. You can eat it warm straight out of the oven if you want. Sometimes you need to strip off all the extras to relish a taste of a classic yellow cake, and this recipe is exactly that. Best of all, this recipe is easy and straightforward to make yet tastes delicious. This yellow cake recipe has a soft, tender crumb to it and perfectly scented with vanilla extract to give it a balanced overall flavor. For achieving the optimum taste and texture in cakes, always use quality ingredients. For instance, it is best to use a pure vanilla extract instead of the artificial vanilla flavor. You do not want to ruin a good cake recipe with an artificial vanilla flavor that has additives like like corn syrup, sugar, etc. When you use real vanilla extract in cake recipes, it makes a difference. Vanilla flavour, just like salt acts as a flavour enhancer in cake batters and helps in binding other ingredients together.

Cake baking is truly an art that can be mastered over time. A classic yellow cake makes the perfect base for almost any kind of filling or frosting. A simple yellow cake recipe comprises of basic ingredients like full-fat butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. Even though it seems like it's easy to bake this recipe the process of how each ingredient is combined with the rest is the tricky part. To achieve the perfect moist yellow cake is not impossible but slightly tough as there is a tendency for some cake recipes to end up having a dry texture or not rising well enough. A lot of factors come into account like the oven temperature, having the ingredients at room temperature, creaming the butter with sugar, etc.

The fact that this recipe uses cake flour and buttermilk is a huge plus point to achieve the spongy and soft texture. Cake flour yields a lighter texture as opposed to all purpose flour used in cake batters. That’s because cake flour has lesser protein content compared to the all-purpose flour. The lesser the protein content, the better texture you get in cakes. If you wish to cut the calories slightly, you can substitute the cake flour with gluten-free flour. Another important aspect of this recipe is the buttermilk. When buttermilk is added to cake recipes, it tenderizes the gluten to make the cakes come out moist and help them rise better. If you don’t have buttermilk readily available, you can always make a batch by adding one tablespoon of vinegar to 1 cup of milk and let it sit for five minutes until it curdles and becomes buttermilk. You can use this homemade buttermilk mixture for any cake recipes that calls for it. A few other options you can use to tenderize the flour are lemon zest or juice, sour cream, Greek yogurt, cream of tartar, etc.

If you’re not into baking, this cake recipe might just make you an overnight star. Thank you to David at the Spiced One Dash at a Time food blog for sharing this heavenly and Easy Powdered Sugar Doughnut Cake recipe with us. Do visit David’s blog for more kids birthday cake ideas that are fun and easy to make. Enjoy a slice with your loved ones today!

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