Power Salad with Spicy Honey Vinaigrette

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Salads are becoming more and more popular as people are trying to eat healthier. This Power Salad with Spicy Honey Vinaigrette is sure to satisfy even the larger appetites at the table and it is packed full of nutrient dense ingredients. The dressing is a nice honey vinaigrette with a spicy kick to it that will have your tastebuds celebrating and your stomach wanting more! The reason it is called the power salad is that it has so many good things in it that will give you a lot of energy throughout the day. You can add some fish or chicken to it if you want some protein punch, but this would be great all on its own too!

Salads are awesome in the summer, they are a great way to cool down from the inside out, and they are easy on your digestive system and you don't have to use your oven, which is a bonus, since it would just make your house way too hot if you did. This would be a great salad to bring to a BBQ since it would go with almost anything too! Everyone would just love it and be asking you for the recipe so they can try it for themselves at home.

The author over at Simply Sated, says that she first tried out this recipe at Disney World, so she can't take all of the credit for it. But she did a great job of recreating it for us to try out for ourselves, and share with all of our other salad loving friends. It almost reminds me of a coleslaw without the heaps of mayonnaise and sugar, which is much healthier for you! This salad looks like a winner for sure, why not try it out at your next meal? Head over to 'Simply Sated' by following the link in the description below!

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