Praline Crunch Apple Cake

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Knock your flavor socks off with this Praline Crunch Apple Cake’s crunchy and slightly chewy texture. The home made praline is a fabulous topping to this cinnamon and apple laced dessert. The apple cake is made first then topped with a two part topping that is also quick and easy to make. Make this cake with your aspiring baker in the family and let him or her try the praline blend as a new experience. This cake comes together to create a sweet, crunchy, and unique flavor of caramel, pecans, cinnamon and apple.

Apples carry wonderful flavor in to whatever recipe you are working on, and whether you are making a sweet or savory dish. Apples have a versatility that allows you to boil, bake, blend, and make them up in a wide variety of ways and their slightly sweet, somewhat tart flavor and light texture work out well. Really, when a recipe calls for apples, can you go wrong? The other big ingredient in this cake is the pecans. Pecans are also a slightly sweet addition, and their texture offers only the mildest crunch, much milder than most other nuts. Creating the praline blend adds a nutty and buttery flavor to this cake. And the cookies that are also included emphasize and underscore the great taste.

This is a multi-part recipe, but not one that is difficult. The cake is made first, and then the topping is prepared, followed by the binding agent that makes the topping a praline mixture. Whether you make this Praline Crunch Apple Cake on your own, oversee a young baker in your family who attempts it, or make it a family affair, a great outcome is assured. This cake will become one of your family favorites and one that you may bake often. Enjoy it soon.

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