Pretty Peppermint Patties

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These pretty patties use coloring to create some fun contrast in this Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe. These patties are quick and easy to make, and even little hands can help with some of the steps. Of course, if the little ones help out, the perfection of the patties that you can view on the Jen, the web blogger and recipe creator’s web site, will not be nearly as glamorous as hers are, but they will still taste great. And that is the point, right? So get the kids in on this recipe.

The recipe uses the same blend for the filling, but one part of it is dyed with red food coloring. Then the filling is chilled and rolled and cut out in circles, some what similar to cutting out cookies with a cookie cutter. The filling is layered. And then comes the fun part. Once the filling is chilled again, it is ready to dip in to the chocolate and finish the patties recipe. Here is where little hands might have some fun. You could set the filling pieces on a fork and let the kids dip their own peppermint patty by themselves. Then they could lay it on the waxed paper and let it chill. You could use the extra filling (meant for the snowflake decoration) to pipe the letter of each child’s first name on his or her patty. That way they know which one is theirs (although kid’s seem to have an uncanny knowledge of that, anyway).

In any case, these are a fun treat, and the deep peppermint flavor not only tastes good, but it can also help to settle stomachs and digestive systems. So try this recipe and see how much every one enjoys having a peppermint patty after dinner tonight (or two, or three, or more!). Enjoy this fun recipe soon.

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