Pull Apart Sausage Egg And Cheese Rolls

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Do you require an exceptional savoury brunch item for a special holiday or weekend treat? This pull apart sausage egg and cheese rolls recipe take some time, but is very easy to prepare, involving scrambling eggs, assembling, and baking the rolls. Melissa, the developer of this breakfast sandwich recipe, provides instructions on how to assemble them the day before, however, and that way you can just bake them as soon as you wake up in the morning. This breakfast buns recipe is reminiscent of the classic breakfast sandwich at your local coffee shop, but is even better, because this sausage and egg sandwich recipe makes lots of rolls, and the addition of flavour enhancers, like fresh chives and garlic salt. This dish is one of the best family recipes because it uses simple ingredients that everyone can enjoy, like cheese and ground sausage. So, if you are searching for an exciting breakfast recipe or just some tasty snacks, these pull apart rolls will leave you wanting more.

The best egg sandwich recipe includes perfectly cooked eggs, which are sometimes difficult to come by in fast-food breakfast establishments. This egg sandwich recipe is perfect because the eggs are scrambled to a fluffy consistency and have a beautiful, pale yellow colour from the addition of sour cream. The sour cream is an excellent ingredient to add to eggs, rather than milk, because it lends more creaminess than milk would. Sharp cheddar cheese gives the sandwich some bite while the spiced breakfast sausage brings in a truly savoury quality. You can certainly use whatever kind of cheese you like, but sharp cheddar works extremely well, because of the strong flavours of the other ingredients. If you use a lighter flavoured cheddar, you may not obtain the same balanced taste as you do in this sausage and egg breakfast sandwich recipe.

Although eggs are often the first food to get swiped from diets of individuals with high cholesterol, eggs are such a nutritious food and should be included in everyone’s diet if they are able. The nutritional value of an egg contains thirty-five percent of your daily-recommended intake of choline, as well good amounts of at least eleven other nutrients. Choline is one of the most recent vitamins studied and has been found to be crucial to the activity of the nervous system. Eggs are the second leading food, after shrimp, to contain choline. With all the wonderful benefits of eggs, there is no excuse not to enjoy this egg and cheese sandwich recipe sometime soon.

You may have eaten many breakfast sandwiches in the past, but this sausage, egg, and cheese rolls recipe is turned up a notch with crunchy garlic salt sprinkled on top of the buns and flavourful fluffy eggs from chives and sour cream. The healthy nature of eggs can’t hurt either, to giving your family their best start in the morning. Thank you to Melissa, the author of ‘Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen’ recipe blog, for sharing her easy pull apart sausage egg and cheese rolls recipe with us. **

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