Pulled Pork Cookie Sheet Nachos

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Try these Pulled Pork Cookie Sheet Nachos and delight family, friends and relatives along with other guests who come to your dinner table tonight. This is an easy way to make nachos (and frankly, likely one we all have used in the past) and that allows you to really load them up with yummy stuff that all will enjoy. This method is a terrific one because you can often just serve the nachos straight from the sheet. Just put out small plates and let everyone dig in to these Pulled Pork Cookie Sheet Nachos. If you have not had pulled pork on your nachos before, then you are in for a real treat. Beef is great, but pork adds a tender and sweet flavor. As well, the pulled aspect of the pork gives it a different texture that is really good.

This Pulled Pork Cookie Sheet Nachos recipe is a breeze to make, and the kids will want to help, too. In fact, if the kids are old enough, you may be able to trust them to make the whole thing by themselves. That is, of course, if you have the pulled pork ready to go. This recipe is available on the site, A Happy Food Dance that has the entire nachos recipe, too. So you can make your pulled pork from scratch, perhaps the day before and then follow it up on the weekend with this tremendous snack of Pulled Pork Cookie Sheet Nachos.

Using a cookie sheet is a real time saver. You just layer the tortilla chips (you could use flour tortillas if you like the soft shell better) on the bottom of the pan. Then pile on whatever comes to your mind. The kids will love helping with this step because it does not really matter too, too much what goes on first. It might be that the pork is often layered on the tortilla chips and then the cheese on top of the pork. After that, the sauce or salsa is often what you will see, and finally the smaller toppings of tomatoes, jalapenos, parsley or possibly cilantro, or whatever you use to garnish and finish off your pulled pork nachos. You also do not have to add anything at all for garnish, if you prefer. However, both parsley and cilantro do clear the palette, if that is a concern for you. In any case, put whatever you like on your pulled pork nachos and add them in the order you prefer. They will taste fabulous no matter what. Some recipes even pile cheese on top, after all of the garnishes have been put in place, so choose your method. Enjoy this easy dish soon!

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