Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread with a Cream Cheese Swirl

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This recipe produces a pretty bread with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread with a Cream Cheese Swirl that you and your family will just adore. The blend of pumpkin and chocolate are terrific together and work well as a contrast to the tangy cream cheese that is found throughout the loaf. This is also a bread you can be happy to have your family eat at any time of day. So set the loaf out on the kitchen counter and let the kids have at it. It is a great snack to give them plenty of get up and go whether they eat it for breakfast as they run out the door or in the afternoon when they race back in.

Pumpkin offers a rich and sultry flavor that works nicely against chocolate. Cream cheese runs throughout this loaf and offers a slightly tangy contrast to the heavier flavors of the pumpkin and chocolate. Together, these ingredients put together a loaf that will really satisfy the taste buds of every one in the family. This is an easy loaf to make, and one that is fun, too. So get the help of your up and coming baker to make this loaf, and give him or her a chance to learn how to swirl ingredients through something to produce an interesting textural, visual and flavor effect.

Among the usual complementary seasonings that go with pumpkin such as cinnamon and nutmeg, ginger is added to this bread. Ginger is a fabulous addition to pumpkin and chocolate. Its peppery bite nicely sets off the more bland tastes of these other ingredients and so emphasizes their depth and richness. Do not be afraid to experiment with ginger in different dishes; it is fantastic. It is also a seasoning that can work with both sweet and savory dishes. Ginger is a flavor that you often find in eastern cooking, and it works well with fish, chicken and meat, among other ingredients. Enjoy this loaf!

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