Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Layered Brownies

Photo Credit: Frugal Foodie Mama

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Layered Brownies will meet the desires and needs of every one who eats in your household. How could they miss? If you like cookies, you got ’em in this recipe. If you like brownies, well, they are here, too. Check out the web site, Frugal Foodie Mama, to see what these triple layered goodies look like. If you were not convinced with the title, the terrific photos will have you pulling out the mixer in short order to make these yummy treats for your family tonight. These treats are made easy because they start with your favorite boxed mix for brownies. That is what makes the bottom layer.

The middle layer takes flour, and is not cooked, but only chilled. You might want to be aware that it is not recommended that you eat raw flour because of possible issues with e-coli and salmonella. So think about whether or not you want to eat something made with raw flour before you proceed. The middle layer is also loaded with pumpkin puree, which gives plenty of vitamins and nutrients as well as loads of fiber. Fiber is some thing that we all need to eat more of, so this is a great chance to load up on the fiber.

The final layer, or topping, really, is chocolate. Yum. So you have chocolate brownies on the bottom, a yummy pumpkin in the middle loaded with lots of spices, then another topping of melted chocolate on top. This is a rich and delicious cookie and brownie combination that will tempt the taste buds of every one in the house. So make these today, and enjoy them often. Check out the issue on eating raw flour first, of course.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Frugal Foodie Mamas, by following the link below.

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