Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Streusel Cake

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As the recipe creators and bloggers from the web site, Two Peas and Their Pod, remark, this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Streusel Cake is a “a simple pumpkin snack cake dotted with chocolate chips and topped with a sweet cinnamon streusel topping.” And that is just what this recipe offers, simplicity in the making, and sweetness in the tasting. It is a lightly sweet snacking cake with an easy sprinkle of chocolate chips on top. The pumpkin flavor is great and adds lots of moistness and texture to the cake. It will also fill you up because of the amount of fiber that is found in pumpkins (and that is great for you, too!). This is a snacking cake you can be happy to feed the kids and family for all the good nutrition it has in it.

This recipe for snack cake is topped with a great streusel. A streusel can be made from a number of different ingredients. The simplest recipe often combines just flour, sugar and butter then lightly rubs it together and sprinkles it on the cake or bread. This recipe also adds in some chocolate chips, just to make it a bit more interesting and fun. You can, too. Streusel bakes up lightly sweet and crunchy, a perfect topping for a snack cake that you can set out and let the kids fill up on. It is not too sweet, but has plenty of taste and texture to appeal to every one.

This is an easy snack cake, and it can even be blended by hand. In some cases, hand blending helps the rise and keeps the cake moist. Moistness is not really an issue here, because of the rich pumpkin puree that is added to the mix. Enjoy this snack cake cooled to room temperature. Pumpkin always seems to taste better at room temperature or cooler. Yum.

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