Pumpkin Fudge Brookies

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This is a great treat to make for the kids who will love the combination of brownies and cookies in this recipe for Pumpkin Fudge Brookies (brownie plus cookie equals brookie; get it?). And once the cookie and brownie are baked, a wonderful commercial icing, chocolate fudge, is poured over the mixes. This is one sweet treat. Serve it with ice cream or whipped cream (you know, to cut the sweetness of it!).

This is an easy dessert or snack to make because it uses commercial mixes for all three parts of this recipe. The brownies are made with a mix that is boosted for flavor and chocolate intensity (always a good sign in a recipe). Then the cookie top is also made using a box mix, again improved for flavor with some additions. There are chocolate chips added to both layers so that the chocolate flavor hits you right between the eyes. You could consider using two different types of chocolate (or more) such as a dark 70 percent cocoa chocolate and a semi-sweet, or semi-sweet and milk chocolate, and so on. It can be surprising the impact that changing just one ingredient can have on a recipe. Experiment until you get the combination that you and your family likes best.

You might be wondering where the pumpkin comes in this blend of brownie and cookie. The mix for the cookies is from Pillsbury, a pumpkin cookie mix. Pumpkin is a great flavor when blended with chocolate so you and your family will really like this combination. Because this recipe is made with all commercial mixes (with a little more added to them to improve flavor and increase chocolate intensity) your young baker can attempt this recipe on his or her own. It is a great opportunity to see how various types of desserts can be blended together to get a whole new creation, as in these Pumpkin Fudge Brookies. Enjoy them soon.

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