Pumpkin Layer Cake

Photo Credit: The Country Cook

What a pretty cake! Be sure to go to the website for The Country Cook and check out this recipe—if only for the photos. They are great. This Pumpkin Layer Cake is also called a Magic Pumpkin Cake is also a terrific recipe that combines the mellow flavor of pumpkin with a yellow box cake, some whipped cream and a few other special ingredients to make something fabulous for your family tonight. This cake is quick to prepare because of the box mix, comes together in what might seem like an unusual process, and adds whipped cream and a sprinkle of chips to polish the dessert off.

Even if you are using a box mix to help ensure good results, or to speed things up, take the time to make your own whipped cream. Commercial whipped creams can have a lot of curious ingredients, preservatives and other additives that you might prefer to avoid. As well, nothing compares to the fresh flavor that real cream provides any dish where it is added. As well, use whole milk. We have such a tendency to use non-fat ingredients, but the fat is where the flavor often lies. In baking, it is especially important to get that full flavor. It’s what makes a dessert taste great. So use best ingredients, don’t avoid the fats, and when you can make it from scratch, do so for a much better result.

This is a pretty cake to serve, so once you have put all the layers together, be sure to cut and place a few pieces on the table where every one can see what a pretty feat you have accomplished. Try this recipe soon. It’s a great one to pull out in the fall months.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Country Cook, by following the link below.

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