Pumpkin Lush

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Fall has finally arrived and rocking the wonderful pumpkin puree recipes from fall pumpkins. If you think that pumpkin pie is a bit overdone for the season, you’re not alone. There are so many wonderful pumpkin puree recipes like this Pumpkin Lush recipe that is making heads turn. This recipe is almost no-bake and deliciously put together on buttered Graham cracker crust with a cream cheese and pumpkin filling and then topped with chocolate and toffee chips. You can also add butterscotch chips or toasted nuts to this recipe if you want. The only thing that you will need to bake is the crust. You cannot ask for a better pumpkin dessert because there is a bit of everything like sweet, spice, tang and chocolate in this recipe. This dessert also gains its flavor as it sits in the fridge over a period of two days or so which is why it is a good idea to make it ahead of time.

Pumpkin puree recipes are particularly praised a lot at this time of the year because everyone loves using up those fall pumpkins when harvested. Though who’s to say you cannot eat best baking recipes with pumpkin throughout the year especially when you can the canned pumpkin. Pumpkins are a good source of Vitamin A and are moderately high in Vitamin C and B-6 with minerals like potassium and anti-oxidants that help in maintaining blood pressure. Remember to not be mistaken pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie filling as they are two different ingredients. For this recipe, it is important to use only pumpkin puree that combines spices while putting the layers together. Remember that using fresh spices in desserts will help you achieve the best results as stale spices tend to lose their aroma with time.

If you don’t particularly prefer Graham cracker crust you can try other alternatives like ‘Digestive’ or ‘Rich Tea biscuits’, ladyfingers, Milk Arrowroots, Oreo crackers, Vanilla wafers, soda crackers, etc. which are good options and will not change the taste in this recipe. In the place of whipped topping, you can also beat together heavy whipping cream and cane sugar at home to make it taste similar. While it is alright to consume readymade whipped topping in moderation, it is also good to be informed that there are so many unwanted preservatives that might not be suitable for everyone if consumed in excess. To make the whipped cream extra firm, add a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding if you want. Adding instant vanilla pudding to the cream changes its texture a bit better and prevents it from getting runny in recipes that call for Cool Whip or Whipped Topping. Likewise, it’s easy to make your vanilla pudding at home instead of using the instant pudding mix. You will need just milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract. Combine all the ingredients and cook it for about ten minutes on the stove top until it thickens. If you want to thicken it a bit more, you can add some cornstarch to the mixture while cooking. Making healthier choices by eating real foods in the place of packaged foods is imperative to enjoying a lasting health.

Thank you to Averie at Averie cooks food blog for sharing this tasty pumpkin lush recipe with us. Do check out Averie’s blog for more recipes where she shares food ideas on how to use fall pumpkins for both savory and sweet recipes. This spicy and cool pumpkin lush recipe will add a lot of family fun at mealtime. You’ll notice the delicious flavors of fall in each bite. Enjoy!

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