Pumpkin Pie Apple Crisp

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What an intriguing combination of creamy, crunchy, smooth and tart you will find in this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Apple Crisp. All the lovely spices of pumpkin find their way in to the apples, topped with a streusel for extra crunch. This crisp is three interesting layers that will have your family gobbling it up in surprise and delight. Pumpkin offers a very smooth finish to tart apples, and the spicing works well with both ingredients. The topping, which includes healthy oats, is both nutty and buttery, working with the pumpkin and apple as well.

Try this recipe when you find yourself with a few minutes before dinner, and some extra apples sitting around. Don’t bother to peel the apples. Using the apples with the skins greatly increases the fiber in this dish. There is even more fiber in the oats, so along with the apples, that makes this a great treat to serve your kids and family (who do not need to know how good it is for them to eat). Proportions can be toyed with in this recipe, so do not worry about too many or too few apples, or if you add a bit of extra oats. Spices can also be increased, or decreased if you prefer. That is one of the best things about a crisp, its versatility and adaptability. Use any kind of apples here, too.

This is a quick, easy, and economical recipe to throw together on a rainy Saturday when every one is a bit grumpy because of the weather. Serve it warm with some ice cream or whipped cream. The homey smell and warmth along with the filling nature of this treat will put every one in to a great mood again.

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