Pumpkin Pie Poke Cake Recipe

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Let your aspiring bakers work their magic on this quick and easy Pumpkin Pie Poke Cake Recipe that gets lots of help from commercial and packaged ingredients. That means this is more of an assembly cake than one that requires culinary skill, so it is perfect for young people just learning how to bake and cook to make up on their own (with some oversight, perhaps). The cake has three layers, beginning with a box mix that the aspiring bakers can quickly put together according to the instructions. Then a pumpkin filling is poked on and over and in the cake, bringing plenty of flavor and moistness. The topping is a commercial whipped cream that you thaw and spread over the top. This cake will benefit from some time the fridge to allow the flavors to come together well.

Recipes such as this one are great when you do not have time to do much but still want something to serve at the table for dinner. These recipes are also great for the young bakers to try their hand at something and help to ensure good results, before your bakers graduate to making an entire cake or dessert from scratch. This particular cake also lets young bakers see how a poke cake works, a lovely way to get moistness and more flavor in to a cake. And fun, too.

This cake is great to bake in the fall because of the pumpkin that is part of the recipe. Fall and pumpkins just go together, and carry with them the anticipation of winter cold and snow, ice-skating at the local arena, and the holidays when friends and family come together. Try this cake and see how your family enjoys it. It may become part of your fall and winter traditions.

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