Pumpkin Pie Pudding Dip

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With fall comes pumkin recipes. This Pumpkin Pie Pudding Dip recipe offers a new approach to eating pudding by making it into a dip. The kids will love to have cookies or crackers or even chunks of apple and banana to dip into this easy to make pudding dip. It is refrigerated before it is served to allow the flavors to come together a bit, and to ensure that it is nicely chilled for best flavor when you serve it. Put it into glasses; the kids will love eating it this way.

This recipe is easy enough that your new baker can try his or her hand at putting this together. This recipe is more about assembling and mixing than any sort of baking. The recipe uses canned pumpkin. In addition, there is no oven time, and the only stove top will depend on the type of pudding you purchase (since many do not use stove top methods, this could be a very good dish for a new baker). For homemade creamy flavor, whip your own heavy cream from scratch rather than using a frozen and tubbed variety to make the whipped cream. The flavor of fresh cream is incomparable, and much more satisfying than commercial imitators.

This is a fun little dish that you can make any afternoon for the kids to enjoy. Serve it with fresh fruit of almost any kind; the pumpkin flavor is great and provides a bit of nutrition in the dish, too. Pumpkin works with apples, bananas, even oranges. Kids seem to love to have their pudding in a cup, and you can add plenty of pieces of fruit to scoop it up. Try this pumpkin pie dip recipe soon, and it will become one you often make for your family. Adults will also enjoy this light and fluffy pudding dip and it goes well after a large family meal.

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