Pumpkin Toffee Chocolate Chip Muffins

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So this recipe will give you a nicely moist and wonderfully chewy muffin dotted with chocolate chips for a bit of tender crunch. That combination should be really good and satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. The toffee bits as well as the chocolate chips are in both the muffins, which are made as a spicy pumpkin base, as well as the crunchy streusel that goes on top of the muffin. Streusel is a great way to top a muffin, and other simple breads and cakes. The streusel allows for a few special things to go in it such as chips or nuts, but is never too sweet. And, streusel always adds great taste and texture to the muffin.

Here toffee, pumpkin and chocolate are combined to create a great tasting muffin. The toffee are just commercial bits you buy, but that way you can be assured of a good and chewy toffee bit, which will form a big part of the taste and texture in these muffins. And toffee and chocolate are natural pairings. The pumpkin adds a sweet and sultry flavor to the whole thing, and ensures that the muffin is moist and filling.

These muffins are easy to make and even a beginning baker will have success with this recipe. It is a combination of a few different flavors that work well together and give a pleasing result on the palette. The streusel is visually appealing, adds texture, and is a good way to improve taste without adding too much sweetness, something many of us do not want in our muffin. This is a great snack, and something you could even feed the kids in the morning as they dash out the door. Try the recipe soon, and it will become some thing that you make often. You will see!

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