Quick and Easy Chocolate Trail Mix

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If you don’t have the tolerance or time to bake but have a sweet craving, this quick and easy chocolate trail mix recipe should be something you can whip up within moments. This easy dessert from Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog, combines plenty of seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds with dried fruit and melted chocolate. Rather than being a traditional trail mix recipe, these are more like a chocolate confection because the mixtures are dropped into mounds and chilled until set. As a result, these are as enjoyable to eat as a sweet treat as they are as tasty snacks through the day because they contain nutrient-rich seeds and healthy dark chocolate. Whenever you have this trail mix recipe, it will be a favourite to have on hand no matter the occasion.

Trail mix is a variety of snack mix that is very similar to granola recipes in that it often contains a mixture of oats, seeds, nuts and fruit. The mixture is intended to be high carb to provide people with plenty of energy during activities like camping or hiking, hence its designated name. Similar to trail mix’s origins, this chocolate trail mix recipe includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries and crunchy cereal. The secret to the perfect trail mix is to have a variety of different textures, which this one has an abundance of. The dried fruit adds sweetness and chew, while the various needs add an appealing crunchiness. The puffed rice cereal adds a crisp texture which cuts through everything else. If you are on a gluten-free diet, this trail mix recipe is an excellent choice for you to try, because rice is naturally free of gluten. Just remember to check the packaging to be sure, though, since the puffed rice may have been processed in a facility where glutinous products are processed as well.

Although you may be tempted to use another variety of chocolate in these easy desserts, dark chocolate is the best chocolate to use because it contains less sugar than other varieties and can satisfy just as well. Dark chocolate also has an appealing snap and shine compared to other varieties of chocolate due to the high cocoa percentage. This type of chocolate has an extremely high amount of flavonoids too, which may help support the health of the nervous system and cardiovascular system. Other types of chocolate, like milk chocolate or white chocolate, could work just as well in this snack recipe, but you won’t obtain the same kinds of health benefits as with dark chocolate.

One of the best things about trail mix recipes is they are a way of using up odds and ends in your pantry. If you are an avid baker, you may have plenty of seeds, nuts or dried fruit on hand that you don’t have an immediate use for but should get used up. Seeds and nuts may go rancid quickly due to their high-fat content, but their shelf lives can be extended by popping in the freezer until ready to use. Dried fruit that has lost their plumpness can be rejuvenated by soaking in liquid for a few minutes. Even though Bianca recommends specific types of seeds and fruit, you can feel free to substitute with whatever you have available using her trail mix recipe method. Either way, this tasty mix will be a delicious addition to lunch boxes for your kid’s lunches or just as a snack or dessert at the end of the day. Thank you to Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog, for sharing her chocolate trail mix recipe with us.

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