Quick and Easy Coconut Cheesecake

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This quick and easy coconut cheesecake recipe isn’t just simple to make, it also doesn’t require baking and is dairy-free. Traditional cheesecake recipes contain cream cheese, which is a dairy product, but for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer not to consume dairy, cheesecake is usually something to be avoided. In this case, Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog, has created a cheesecake involving no cream cheese whatsoever. Instead, she relies on cashews that have been soaked to achieve a creamy texture that is reminiscent of cream cheese. Even if you aren’t a dairy-free eater, you may appreciate the ease of this cake if you are constantly on the search for simple dessert recipes or like the fact that you will finally have a dessert to serve to your dairy-free family and friends. Soaking the cashews does take some time, but once they are soft enough to work with, the filling is simply whirred in a high-powered blender and poured over the base. The freezer does the rest of the job until ready to serve.

Cashews don’t figure into dessert recipes often but are becoming a trendy alternative to dairy for vegans or lactose intolerant individuals because of their versatility. For vegan or dairy-free eaters, cashews can be used to make homemade milk substitutes or creamy cheeses. If you are looking for food substitutions to dairy, you will be able to find increasing amounts of dishes using cashews all over the web, and in particular, at Bianca’s website. Of course, cheesecake cannot rely on nuts alone to produce a creamy filling; Bianca also includes coconut milk, which adds the liquid to help the cashews blend into a pureed consistency. Natural honey and maple syrup are full of flavour and add the necessary sweetness to this no bake cheesecake recipe. If you are looking for ways of limiting granulated sugars from your diet, this cheesecake will be an excellent foray into making desserts with liquid sweeteners like honey.

This dessert recipe may not be as accessible to those who are allergic to nuts since cashews are such an integral part of it. One of Bianca’s readers who can’t have dairy or nuts suggested using sunflower seeds instead and had great success with it as an alternative ingredient. The high-fat content of the sunflower seeds allows them to blend to a smooth consistency similar to the cashews. Simply soak the sunflower seeds in boiling water as you would with the cashews before blending. The heat of the water causes the seeds or nuts to soften so they blend more easily, whereas if you weren’t to soak them, the texture of this easy cheesecake recipe might become grainy. This is a good step to take if you plan to make homemade cashew milk too since the milk will retain bits of cashews in it without soaking. If you don’t have the time to soak the nuts, consider blending the mixture as it states in the cheesecake recipe and pressing through a fine sieve to remove any of the graininess from the mixture.

Next time you need a dessert recipe that is suitable for those who don’t eat dairy or animal products, this frozen cheesecake will fit the bill perfectly. The cake is prepared in a square baking pan which makes it easy to portion when serving a crowd. The base is the equivalent of a plain cheesecake, so you can top with whatever you like, whether it is melted dark chocolate, fresh berries or fruit. Thank you to Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog for sharing her quick and easy coconut cheesecake recipe with us.

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