Quick and Easy Lemon Bliss Balls

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Surprise your loved ones with this Quick and Easy Lemon Bliss Balls recipe. It’s one of the healthy lemon desserts that won’t make you guilty if you eat an extra piece or two. These lemon balls are naturally sweetened with maple syrup and honey and does not use any refined sugar. They taste rightfully tarte without being overdone. There is also no flour or butter which makes them so much healthier because they’re completely free of refined carbs. Just plain whole foods that are hiding in your kitchen pantry are sufficient for making this recipe. This is a no-bake recipe which makes it easy to work with as well. Just throw all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until they’re well incorporated. On the downside, do not over blend the ingredients as it can turn into butter due to the cashews added in the recipe. This recipe is easy to make, healthy to eat and budget-friendly as well. What more does a lemon lover want?!

When you compare lemons with other seasonal fruits, they’re not all that expensive. It makes sense to eat these lemon balls all year round if you like tangy treats because lemon is such a wonderful fruit to include in your diet. Not only is it full of vitamin C but also has essential minerals like calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber. Lemon nutrition is essential for building strong immune system because lemon juice is believed to have antibacterial properties. In fact, it has been proven that if you drink a warm glass of lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, it helps with gut problems and builds a healthy digestive system. The one main thing about lemon dessert recipes is that the more you add real lemon juice and zest, the better they turn out. If you add bottled juice or lemon extract, they may not taste as good. For best results, keep the ingredients as wholesome and real as possible. If at some point you’re unable to find lemons you can substitute this recipe with limes or oranges. In the place of cashews, you can use almonds, macadamia, walnuts, or any other nuts that are your most favorite on the list. You can also use sunflower, pumpkin or flax seeds if you want.

Coconut flakes have a natural sweetness and a nutty flavor with a distinct taste in dessert recipes. Their dense texture is also another reason why they taste good in the place of grains or grain flours. Coconut flour is one of the top preferred flours among other non-grain flours because to begin with it is not a flour but coconut that is finely ground. Coconut flour is low in carb and healthier because of its fiber content. You can find unsweetened coconut at any health food store or baking store and sometimes called as ‘desiccated’ coconut. You can make shredded coconut in your kitchen by throwing coconut bits into a blender or a coffee grinder and blend them until you get a coarse texture. Unsweetened coconut nutrition is low in carbs and supplies lauric acid to your system which is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. There is no better reason other than the health benefits of coconut to make treats with coconut in them.

Thank you to Bianca at the Wholefood Simply food blog for sharing this Quick and Easy Lemon Bliss Balls recipe with us. Do visit Bianca’s blog for more healthy lemon desserts and other sweet and savory recipes. This healthy lemon balls recipe is so addictive that you won’t stop popping them in your mouth. Enjoy!

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