Quick Bread Recipes 2 Ingredient Sweet Bread

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Quick Bread Recipes 2 Ingredient Sweet Bread is certainly a quick way to get fresh bread on your dinner table tonight. And why not? Every one loves the smell of fresh bread baking, and the results are always welcome and fabulous. This particular bread is a quick bread. The term, quick bread, generally refers to a bread that is not made with yeast, but is made with some ‘quick’ leavening agent. In this case, a self rising flour is used. Self rising flour is any flour that is blended at the manufacturing plant to also include salt and one or more leavening agents. It can be a quicker way to pull things together because you do not have to worry about the addition of the leavening agent or the salt. On the other hand, leavening agents lose their potency over time, especially when they are blended this way, so you have to be sure of the expiry date on the flour package. If you use your flour up regularly and quickly, this flour might be a good choice for you.

This quick bread uses yoghurt as the liquid in the bread. The web site where this recipe is found, Lessons Learnt Journal, also suggests using a flavored yoghurt to produce a sweet result in the bread. This is another very quick way to change up a recipe for you and your family. Try it out and see if you like it. It does make the whole process move very quickly, and you can have fresh quick bread rolls on the table in no time flat.

Try these quick breads any time you feel like baking. It is also a great choice for a beginning baker, especially since making quick bread from scratch is a surprisingly challenging thing to produce. This method allows a young baker to break in slowly to the whole world of bread and scone preparation. Every one will enjoy this dish, so why not make it tonight for dinner?

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