Quick Chicken with Creamy Sauce

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This recipe offers a terrific and delicious Quick Chicken with Creamy Sauce. It includes the tang of lime and cilantro to give the chicken a really wonderful taste that your family will really enjoy. And the recipe even includes a tip on how to use the time when the liquid is being reduced for the chicken to steam a vegetable to accompany the dish, saving on time and dishes in the process. It does not get any better than that! Try this dish soon.

This recipe is a great beginner’s dish, showing how to use a skillet to prepare a delicious and complete meal and also how different flavor combinations work together to create taste sensations. This recipe’s blend of cream, lime and cilantro are truly fabulous. The recipe recommends asparagus as a side vegetable, which is a wonderful choice. Another quite different choice for budget conscious people could be carrots. They can be cooked just as the recipe suggests and the lime and cilantro will be fantastic with them. Prepare some rice (probably a white jasmine rice would work nicely here) and serve the chicken on top of it with the carrots or asparagus on the side. What a beautiful presentation that will make, whether you do it by the plate or serve the entire dinner on a platter.

This dish can have a bit of heat in it, if you like it that way, so a lovely side dish of yogurt, cooled with bananas or cucumber would work well as an accompaniment here. As well, make up a mixture of chopped and salted cashews or peanuts and raisins to set on the table. This serves as a garnish that adds some nice taste and texture to the chicken. Try this recipe when you have a bit of time to pay attention to the flavors that are blended. They are wonderful, unique, and produce a fabulous result.

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