Quick Cottage Cheese Buns

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These Quick Cottage Cheese Buns are essentially baking soda and baking powder biscuits with a bit more kick added in to them. They will bake up a beautiful and high, slightly more moist biscuit than the simpler version that can be made with just fat, flour, leavening agent and liquid. So make them when you have a bit more time to spend in the kitchen, or when you want to serve something a bit more special at the dinner table. They are still easy, but have a bit more finesse and flavor.

These biscuits get additional fat, flavor and texture from the addition of the cottage cheese. The cheese will also ensure a very white and pretty interior for the biscuit, as well as something that is wonderfully moist and tasty. Every one will enjoy these biscuits, and they are terrific in almost every setting. For breakfast, they will serve up beautifully with jam, or next to eggs and sausage. At lunch, put them with cheese and a great big green salad. At dinner, set them in the middle of the table, in a great wicker basket, covered with a tea towel. The scent will drive every one crazy, and it will not be long before all your family members are seated at the dinner table, pulling off the tea towel and diving in to these scrumptious rolls.

Any way they are made, homemade biscuits are a fabulous and simple roll to make for the dinner table. They are always perfect, and can work with almost any meal and with almost any food. In that way, biscuits are entirely versatile. Most, of course, is that you will have made them, with love and affection, for your family to enjoy. Try this recipe soon. It may become a real go to recipe for you.

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