Quick French Bread Pizza

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Try this quick French bread pizza recipe, and enjoy a quick and simple alternative to the usual stuff that you might buy from your local pizza shop. This pizza recipe is one that you can make to go with soup or even with a heavier meal, such as chili or lasagna. You can also have your kids put it together and then you watch over the baking process. This pizza recipe is just that simple. Basically, just take whatever ingredients you like on a pizza and put them on a French loaf. Bake and eat. Easy peasy. Life does not get much easier than that, and neither does dinner!

The kids can choose all the toppings that they want to put on the French bread pizza recipe. You can prepare the bread, by slicing it in half. Then the kids just layer on whatever toppings they have chosen, and you are done. This recipe is just about the quickest that you could ask for. This recipe is great when you are pressed for time or just do not have the energy to make a real pizza recipe. This method will allow you to make something that is quick and delicious and do so in just a few minutes. You can put all the same toppings on to the bread that you would put on the pizza. The only difference is in the crust. And with this recipe you get to eat a great French bread loaf.

French bread is delicious and also easy to make. You can even make your own, although perhaps not for this recipe. Still, it is one of the simplest loaves to make whenever you are in the mood to make some bread from scratch. Then you could freeze the loaf and save it for whenever you might want to make this quick French bread pizza recipe. This recipe will save you both time and energy. It is also one that anybody in the family could put together. That makes it a great go to snack you could prepare almost any time. Put it together on a late night when you are all binge watching your favorite episodes and shows. Or serve it up when friends and guests drop by and you all need a snack. This one would taste great with a cold beer, if that is something you serve and enjoy. So keep this idea in the back of your head, and pull it out whenever you might have need of it. And also do not forget that the kids can easily make this one up for themselves, and even for their friends, when they come by for a day or an evening. Enjoy!

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