Quick Garlic and Parmesan Rolls

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This is a great quick and easy answer to serving bread that is as close to homemade as you can get it when you want fresh and warm rolls in 20 minutes. It is a great recipe to just keep in your head, and to justify keeping frozen rolls in your freezer. Just pull them out, make the blend, brush the rolls, let them rise, and away you go. Fresh, hot rolls that are almost as good as anything home made.

Frozen recipes that allow you to bake up the food at home are wonderful time savers. They are also a great way to compromise when you don’t have time to bake or cook at home. You can often personalize the dish, as here, and make it seem like something made on the spot. It is a great way to go when time is short and family is clamoring for dinner.

Garlic, real garlic, is called for in this recipe. In this recipe, plenty of it is minced and added to the blend of ingredients that saturate the rolls. Be sure to use real garlic. There is a substantial flavor difference between using real and the various dried types you can buy. As well, garlic has well known healing and health supporting properties, so by adding the real deal to the dinner you are helping to ensure your family stays well. Garlic is a member of the onion family, allium. It is a wonderful, aromatic seasoning that you can add to many dishes. Depending on how you add it—buy crushing it, slicing it, or adding it whole—the flavor becomes more delicate. If you only want a slight garlic flavor to infuse your dish, don’t break the clove, but add it whole. For a big bang, crush or mince it. Try this recipe when you are in a tight spot and want to make something awesome for your family. Enjoy!

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