QUICK SIMPLE Trick to cleaning your window or patio door screens!

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For anyone who has ever tried to clean the screens on their windows, this cleaning tip is nothing short of amazing, and all it takes is a dryer sheet. This cleaning tip will save you loads of time and leave the window screen just like new. And the best part is that you don't have to remove the window screens and wash them in the bathtub. For this cleaning tips the window screens can be left in, it's that easy. For the full step by step cleaning tip, you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site. The following are just some of the other cleaning tips, diy ideas and projects to do you can use new or used dryer sheets.

1. Used dryer sheets usually have enough fragrance still in them to help freshen up other areas in your home. Use used dryer sheets as a DIY idea stuffed into tennis shoes, placed in closets, in laundry hampers and luggage or anywhere that your house needs a little freshening up.

2. Used dryer sheets can be used as a cleaning tip for little cloths to help with quick shine ups in the bathroom and the kitchen too. Just use one used dryer sheet on each of your chrome bathroom faucets and see how nicely they shine.

3. Keep the window blinds in your house longer by using this DIY idea of wiping them periodically with used dryer sheets. The anti-static properties in the used dryer sheets will actually help to repel both dust and dirt.

4. If you have a problem with mice, use dryer sheets as a DIY idea for pest control to keep them away. Find where the mice are entering your house and then stuff the hole shut with a used dryer sheet. Mice won't chew through the dryer sheet as the smell repels them.

5. If you've purchased some old books from a garage sale or thrift store they may be smelling a bit musty. Use this cleaning tip to get that musty smell away. Simply place the books into a sealed plastic bag with a dryer sheet. Allow the plastic bag to sit undisturbed for a day or two, then remove the book. The dryer sheet will help to remove the musty smell from the books.

6. If you have a pet and are constantly covered in pet hair, you will love this DIY idea. Simply wipe the pet hair off with a used dryer sheet. This diy idea also works great on cloth furniture too.

7. If the interior of your car or your truck smells a little stale, this cleaning tip will help. Instead of using the car air freshener, this DIY idea uses a few dryer sheets underneath the seats in your vehicle to leave it smelling fresh.

8. Help keep the dust and other contaminants out of your house with this cleaning tip. Simply place a dryer sheet inside of every furnace and air conditioning register in your house. Make sure the dryer sheet covers the openings and replace them once they are dirty.

9. Dryer sheets are an excellent cleaning tip tool for your trash can. This anti-odor tool left in the trash can will help make stinky odors a thing of the past. You can even use a dryer sheet that is used to help block odors in your trash. You will find this easy cleaning tip at the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find cleaning tips, DIY ideas, projects to do, gardening tips, home decor, upcycling, painting tips, organizing tips and so much more. **

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